9 Best Antivirus Software for Small Businesses

Best Antivirus SMBs

Small businesses face daily online security threats that can disrupt operations and damage their reputation. Protecting sensitive data and maintaining customer trust is critical to any successful business strategy.

The best antivirus software for small businesses is vital in safeguarding your business against cyber threats. Please keep reading to learn what to consider when choosing the right solution for your unique needs, and our top picks for the best small business antivirus software on the market.

Please note that, unlike most other websites, we have not been paid or incentivized, nor do we receive a commission for any purchases through these links. All recommendations below are 100% unbiased and based on our honest testing and research.

If you’re just looking for our top recommendations, we found that the following three services are the best antivirus solutions for most small businesses:

Side Note: if you’re a large business or enterprise looking for an antivirus solution, we have a whole guide just for you over here.

Keep reading for more details and suggestions.

Why Small Businesses Need Antivirus Software

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Small businesses are prime targets for cybercriminals, who exploit their often limited resources and security measures to infiltrate systems and steal valuable data. The impact of a successful cyber attack can be devastating, leading to:

  • Financial losses
  • Data protection
  • Loss of customer trust
  • Operational disruptions
  • Decreased employee morale

That’s why investing in the best antivirus software is crucial to mitigate these risks and protect your business and client data. Let’s look at the best small business antivirus software on the market.

The Top 9 Antivirus Solutions for Small Businesses

Best antivirus software for Small Businesses

Each of the small business antivirus solutions below offers unique features and benefits tailored to the specific needs of small businesses, from comprehensive protection against various cyber threats to user-friendly management consoles and advanced threat detection capabilities.

These antivirus solutions provide SMBs with the tools they need to protect their data and systems.

Bitdefender GravityZone: Best Overall

Bitdefender GravityZone Business Security stands out as the best overall antivirus program for small businesses due to its comprehensive security features, versatility, and user-friendliness. This powerful platform offers:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Machine learning
  • Cloud-based technology
  • Signature-based malware scanning
  • Sandbox analyzer

These features work together to provide robust protection against a wide range of malware threats, including trojans, spyware, and viruses.

Bitdefender has achieved impressive results in independent testing, receiving Top Product recognition from AV-TEST and ranking highly in Real-World Protection testing from AV-Comparatives. The platform offers various dedicated business solutions, from plans tailored for small businesses to plans with more advanced tools for medium-to-large enterprises.

Moreover, GravityZone provides comprehensive protection for both servers and workstations through a single console, making it a top choice for SMBs looking for an all-in-one security solution.

Norton: Specially Aimed at Small Businesses

Norton logo

Norton Small Business is designed specifically for small businesses with up to 20 employees, providing a range of features that cater to their unique security needs. Real-time problem solutions, regular updates, and an admin console are some of the essential features that Norton offers SMBs, ensuring comprehensive protection against various cyber threats.

Compared to other solutions like Avira Prime and Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise, Norton Small Business offers the following advantages:

  • More cost-effective
  • Greater range of features
  • Tailored approach to small businesses
  • Robust antivirus protection
  • Suite of tools designed to address specific security concerns

Norton is an excellent choice for those seeking comprehensive antivirus protection and tailored security solutions for their small business.

CrowdStrike Falcon: Advanced, Cloud-Native Endpoint Protection

Crowdstrike logo

CrowdStrike Falcon is a cloud-native endpoint protection solution that offers:

  • Advanced protection using machine learning and cloud-based technology
  • Effective blocking of 0-day and 4-week-old infections, as proven by AV-TEST
  • Negligible impact on device performance

CrowdStrike Falcon is ideal for SMBs seeking advanced, cloud-native endpoint protection that seamlessly integrates with their existing IT infrastructure. Its cutting-edge technology and impressive performance in independent testing make it a top contender in the antivirus software market.

Kaspersky Small Business Security: Great for SMBs

Kaspersky logo

Kaspersky offers excellent protection for small and medium-sized businesses with its Small Office Security and Endpoint Security Cloud products. Kaspersky’s Small Office Security provides comprehensive protection against the latest cyber threats, leveraging machine learning and behavior detection for agile protection, as well as endpoint hardening to minimize an organization’s exposure to cyber-attacks.

Endpoint Security Cloud, on the other hand, offers similar protection capabilities while providing both on-premise and cloud deployment options. With its range of products tailored to small and medium-sized businesses, Kaspersky is a great antivirus solution for businesses looking to safeguard their data and devices from ever-evolving cyber threats. Eset endpoint security is another option to consider when evaluating endpoint security solutions.

McAfee Total Protection: Another Great Overall Choice

Mcafee logo

McAfee Total Protection offers continuous and automated defense against a wide range of cybersecurity threats, including phishing, viruses, hackers, and ransomware protection. They also offer:

  • PC Cleaner
  • Identity protection
  • File shredder
  • Virtual private network (VPN)
  • Firewall protection
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Password management

This comprehensive antivirus solution is compatible with multiple devices, including:

  • PCs
  • Macs
  • ChromeOS
  • Android devices

Making it a versatile choice for small businesses with a diverse range of devices to protect. Its extensive feature set and solid performance make McAfee Total Protection another great choice for SMBs seeking reliable antivirus protection.

Avast Business Security: Best for Larger Small Businesses

Avast logo

Avast Business Security offers a Premium version, which includes:

  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Advanced threat detection
  • An easy-to-use management console
  • Comprehensive protection against ransomware, hackers, and malware
  • Identity protection
  • Built-in VPN
  • USB Protection
  • System & Application Patch Management

This antivirus solution is designed to meet the needs of larger SMBs.

The user-friendly management console allows business owners to easily monitor and manage their security settings, ensuring the optimal level of protection for their business and client data. Avast Business Security’s focus on larger small businesses and its comprehensive feature set make it an ideal choice for those seeking an antivirus solution that can scale with their growing business.

Malwarebytes for Business: Server Protection and Real-Time Scanning

Malwarebytes logo

Malwarebytes is a cybersecurity company that provides endpoint protection and real-time scanning to safeguard against malicious software, including malware threats, viruses, adware, spyware, and other threats. By offering server protection and real-time scanning, Malwarebytes ensures that small businesses are always protected from cyber threats.

In addition to its advanced scanning capabilities, Malwarebytes offers a range of features, such as ransomware protection, virtual private network (VPN) integration, and email protection. These comprehensive security features make Malwarebytes an excellent antivirus solution for small businesses looking to bolster their defenses against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Surfshark One: Best for Freelancers and Small Teams

The Surfshark logo

Surfshark One is an all-around protection suite ideally suited for freelancers and small teams, offering various security features that are easy to use. It provides antivirus protection for up to 5 devices simultaneously and is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Android devices.

In addition to its antivirus capabilities, Surfshark One offers a VPN, manual, scheduled, and real-time malware protection, as well as advanced security features such as Surfshark’s Cloud Protect system and Alert feature, which notify users about potential data breaches related to their emails, credit cards, and personal IDs.

Surfshark has a user-friendly interface with comprehensive security features. One is an excellent choice for freelancers and small teams seeking reliable antivirus protection.

Intego: Best for Mac-based Businesses

Intego's logo

Intego, a cybersecurity company that provides antivirus software solutions for Mac-based businesses, is the best antivirus solution for businesses relying primarily on Mac devices. With its Mac-specific anti-malware detection and protection for Windows devices, Intego ensures that companies using Mac computers are well-protected against various cyber threats.

In addition to its Mac-focused approach, Intego offers a range of powerful security features that cater to the unique needs of Mac-based businesses. Its focus on Mac-specific protection makes Intego the optimal choice for businesses relying heavily on Mac devices, ensuring their data and devices are protected from potential cyber threats.

What to Look For in Antivirus Software for SMBs

Windows Security alert

When selecting the right antivirus software for your small business, you should consider key factors such as:

  • Real-time scanning
  • Endpoint protection
  • Firewall integration
  • Ransomware protection
  • VPN integration
  • Email Protection
  • Customer support
  • Pricing
  • Reputation
  • Compatibility

These factors will help you decide and choose the antivirus solution that best suits your business’s unique needs and requirements.

Let’s look closer and find out why each of these factors is important to you, and how to maintain overall essential business security.

Real-Time Scanning & Protection

Real-time scanning and protection provides ongoing scanning and protection against potential threats. Real-time scanning ensures that your business is always protected by continuously monitoring your system for malware and other cyber threats. Additionally, regular updates to the antivirus software’s virus definitions protect your business against the most recent threats.

Robust antivirus software should include the following features:

  • Real-time scanning
  • Ability to schedule scans
  • Automatic virus and program updates
  • Quick access to an on-demand scanner
  • Specific scanners for webmail, POP3 email, instant messaging, compressed files, scripts, and other potential threats

Endpoint Protection

Email attachments warning message on a laptop screen. Computer Virus and Antivirus. Cyber security concept.

Endpoint protection is a security measure taken to safeguard the endpoints of a network, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Endpoint protection software grants security solutions to monitor and manage these devices, detecting and blocking threats from infiltrating the network while also providing patch management capabilities.

This type of protection is typically divided into two categories:

  • Signature-based protection
  • Behavior-based protection

Signature-based protection utilizes a database of known malicious files and programs to detect and prevent threats, while behavior-based security uses machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious behavior and block malicious activity.

By implementing both types of protection, businesses can ensure their network is well-protected from a wide range of cyber threats.

Firewall Integration

A firewall is an essential security feature that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic, preventing suspicious activity and thwarting unauthorized access attempts. Firewall integration refers to connecting and integrating a firewall with other security tools or systems to bolster network security and simplify security operations.

By integrating a firewall with your antivirus software, you can achieve an additional layer of security, improved operational efficiency, and increased visibility into network traffic. This integration is essential for small businesses, which often face a higher risk of cyber attacks and need comprehensive security solutions to protect their data and devices.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware Cyber attack concept. Warning message on a computer screen

Ransomware is a form of malware that encrypts a company’s data and demands payment for its release, potentially causing devastating effects on a business. Ransomware protection refers to the measures taken to avoid the potential occurrence of a ransomware event and reduce the risk of a successful attack.

Implementing these measures can help safeguard your business from ransomware attacks and minimize the damage inflicted should an attack occur.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) Integration

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a security tool that encrypts internet traffic and creates an encrypted tunnel between a computer and a VPN server, ensuring a secure connection. VPN integration is the process of connecting and integrating a VPN with other security tools or systems, such as antivirus software, to provide comprehensive online security for a small business.

In addition to its encryption capabilities, a VPN can also help protect your business from various online threats, such as hackers, identity theft, and data breaches. Integrating a VPN with your antivirus software can provide an additional layer of security for your small business, ensuring that your data and devices are protected both online and offline.

Email Protection

Email protection serves as a safeguard against social engineering attacks launched by cybercriminals. Without email security measures in place, your employees are at risk of falling victim to phishing attacks, which can lead to data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.

To ensure the security of your business’s emails, consider implementing encryption, digital signatures, and secure email gateways. These measures can protect your business’s email accounts and communications from unauthorized access, loss, or compromise, and maintain your customers’ and clients’ trust and confidence.

Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial aspect of any antivirus software, as it assists when customers encounter issues with the software or need help. The best antivirus programs offer 24/7 customer support, either by phone or live chat, ensuring that help is always available when needed. Additionally, comprehensive online knowledge bases can assist in resolving any issues that may arise, further enhancing the user experience.

When selecting an antivirus solution for your small business, consider the level of customer support offered by the provider. A responsive, knowledgeable, and friendly support team can make all the difference in maintaining the security of your business and ensuring a smooth experience with your chosen antivirus software.

Pricing and Affordability

Different antivirus solutions offer different pricing plans, so you’ll want to compare costs and choose a solution that fits within your budget while still providing the necessary level of protection.

Some key cost considerations for antivirus software include the frequency of updates and the number of devices protected. Additionally, some providers offer free antivirus software options for small businesses, although these may not provide the same level of security and features as more comprehensive plans.

Reputation and Reviews

Reputation and reviews play a significant role in the decision-making process when selecting the best antivirus software for your small business. A strong reputation and positive reviews from other users can provide confidence in the performance and reliability of the antivirus solution.

To evaluate the reputation and reviews of different antivirus providers, research online reviews, look for recommendations from industry peers, and explore independent security tests and rankings such as this article.

Remember, we have not been paid, or incentivized, nor do we receive a commission for any purchases through the recommendations listed in this article. They are unbiased and based on our honest testing and research.

Compatibility and Integration

A person sitting at a desk with two monitors exploring the 9 best antivirus software for small businesses in 2023.

Your antivirus software should be able to function on all of the major operating systems and applications used in your organization and be capable of integrating with other cybersecurity solutions you may be utilizing, such as intrusion detection and data loss prevention systems, and mobile devices.

Ensuring compatibility and integration is advantageous, as it allows you to:

  • Create a comprehensive security solution that meets the unique needs of your business
  • Evaluate the compatibility and integration capabilities of various antivirus solutions
  • Choose a solution that works seamlessly with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Provide the optimal level of protection for your business


The right antivirus software can make all the difference in safeguarding your small business from cyber threats and ensuring the security of your sensitive data. By considering factors such as real-time scanning, endpoint protection, firewall integration, ransomware protection, VPN integration, email protection, customer support, pricing, reputation, and compatibility, you can make an informed decision and choose the best antivirus solution for your unique needs.

Protect your business and maintain customer trust with a reliable antivirus solution that protects your devices and data from ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does antivirus cost for small businesses?

Antivirus software costs for small businesses vary widely and can range from $25 to $80 per device per year or more, depending on the number of devices and the features required. For example, Norton Small Business might charge between $25 and $80 per device per year, offering protection, VPN, and cloud backup features. The price differences reflect the level of security, features, and support provided. Be sure to compare different options and possibly test with free trials to find the solution that fits your budget and security needs, balancing cost against the critical importance of robust cyber protection.

What features should I look for in small business antivirus software?

Look for real-time protection, endpoint detection, firewall integration, ransomware protection, web protection, malware protection, VPN integration, email protection, customer support, pricing, reputation, and compatibility in antivirus software for your small business. These features will keep your business safe from cyber threats. Research the different antivirus software options available to find the one that best fits your needs. Compare features, pricing, customer support, and reputation to ensure you get the best protection for your business.

Is it necessary to have antivirus software for my small business?

Yes, a small business must have antivirus software to protect their data and maintain customer trust. Antivirus software installed on all computers and devices the business uses is essential for keeping customer data secure and preventing malicious attacks. It also helps to build trust with customers.

What’s the best free antivirus for small businesses?

Avast Free Antivirus offers good basic protection, scanning for malware, and real-time monitoring. However, free versions typically lack some of the advanced features like firewall and email security. If possible, investing in a paid antivirus solution tailored to small businesses will provide better protection and support. If a free solution must be used, review and understand the limitations and consider additional security measures to fill any gaps in protection.

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