Discover some of the best books written by former FBI Special Agent John Iannarelli, covering life in the FBI, Cybersecurity, Terrorism Prevention, and Active Shooter Awareness & Prevention.

Disorderly Conduct
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Disorderly Conduct

The Oddities Of My 20-Year Life As An FBI Special Agent

Disorderly Conduct is a collection of true stories from the FBI that will make you laugh out loud. The reader goes behind the scenes to see the oddities of the job. Whether arresting an actor while on stage, catching them in a hot tub, executing a search warrant at the home of a grown man who, as it turns out, just happens to live with hundreds of toy dolls, or an office meeting that turned into a tribal council moment from Survivor.

Disorderly Conduct takes the reader inside the lighter moments of law enforcement. Arrestingly funny, often hard to believe, but all true.

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America was safer when John Iannarelli was with the FBI because he is the real deal. He is very smart, savvy, committed, a great presenter, funny, a prolific author, and he’s all about integrity.

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