Expert Active Shooter Prevention & Response Keynote Speaker

Protect Your Workplace from Violence with FBI John Iannarelli, Former FBI Special Agent, Active Shooter Prevention expert.

Active Shooter Prevention & Response

Keynote & Breakout Speaker

As a keynote speaker, John has provided active shooter prevention and response training to the public and private sectors throughout the country. He has presented at hundreds of conferences and businesses.

Through his presentation, John shares the apparent warning signs before many active shooter situations occur and how advanced intervention may prevent a tragedy.

John’s presentation was funny, informative, and frightening.
It was the perfect balance to keep everyone engaged.‚Äč

– National Association of Steel Pipe Distributors

John has presented at hundreds of gatherings in front of tens of thousands, including Fortune 100 companies, domestic and international audiences, the United Nations, and even at the Vatican, where he met personally with Pope Francis to share his recommendations.

FBI John: Active Shooter Prevention & Response Expert

John received formal Active Shooter response training while serving as a police officer and SWAT team member from the FBI. During his law enforcement career, he responded to two separate school shootings. He was on the scene to investigate the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, during which six persons were killed and another 13 wounded.

Additionally, John arrived in Las Vegas on business an hour before the shooting occurred at Mandalay Bay, the worst mass shooting in US history, and was immediately called upon by the national news media to provide live on-air television reporting for the Fox News Channel, CNN, and NBC.

In his presentations, John presents detailed instructions on how best to respond in an active shooter situation to protect yourself, your employees, customers, and other innocent persons.

FBI John

John’s Cyber presentation was informative, actionable, and totally engaging.
Plus, John was hilarious!

– CVS/Aetna Health

About FBI John

For over 20 years, John Iannarelli, aka “FBI John,” served as an FBI Special Agent. Based on his investigative work and specialized training, the FBI designated John as a subject matter expert in the various topics he presents, enabling him to share insights and actionable information that would not otherwise be available to the public.

John is also the author of Information Governance and Security: Protecting and Managing Your Company’s Proprietary Information and W.T.F.: Why Teens Fail – What To Fix, a guide to keeping children safe online and in the physical world.

Read more about John.


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    Other Speaking Topics

    Cybersecurity for Businesses

    Throughout his FBI career, John investigated cybercrime, including hackers, ransomware attacks, cyber fraud, and online predators.

    Through his presentations, John offers insights into the latest cyber threats to businesses and actionable information on how to protect against becoming the next victim.

    Law Enforcement presentation

    Leadership & Ethics Lessons from the FBI

    John held numerous positions of leadership within the FBI. He was the Bureau’s national spokesperson addressing the national and international media on all the matters involving the FBI.

    John Shooting

    Terrorism Awareness & Prevention

    John makes regular national news appearances discussing crime and terrorism, offering his unique insights to identify pre-planning activities by those involved.

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